The depth of field is extremely shallow in both pictures, though in the Child Labor example Hine appears to have missed his mark, as the ground directly in front of his subject is in focus, but she is not. Introduced by Cary Bates, Curt Swan, Joe Staton, Adrienne Roy, & Ben Oda in a back-up feature in September 1980’s Superman #354, the Superman 2020 series followed Superman III, the grandson of the original Superman, as he protected the floating city of New Metropolis. // Hine was destined to have a unique outlook on life. He grew up in Oshkosh under the watch of his mother after his father died while he was young. Photo by Alfred Stieglitz, published in Camera Notes, 1902 Jan. //, Maud Daly, five years old. Gratuitous links to sites are viewed as spam and Daneben fotografierte er aber auch zu anderen Themen für die soziologischen Magazine Charities and The Commons bzw. Minimize definition, to reduce to the smallest possible amount or degree. You have added new dimensions and deeper understanding of the Hine collection. It is very easy. ‘Old Timer Structural Worker’ was created in 1930 by Lewis Hine in Social Realism style. Dies ist ein Teil des Wikipedia-Artikels, der unter CC-BY-SA-Lizenz verwendet wird. … Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. // 1907 schrieb er sich an der Columbia University in New York noch einmal für Soziologie ein. It's pop culture on steroids. 1892 starb sein Vater durch einen Unfall oder durch Selbstmord. Von 1900 bis 1905 studierte Hine Pädagogik in Chicago und New York. Hine used his camera as a tool for social reform. Row of men at the New York City docks out of work during the depression, 1934. Upon his return to New York in 1919, he changed his straightforward objective style to a more interpretive approach, advertising his work as "Lewis Wickes Hine, Interpretive Photography." Die Dart Profis laufen bei großen Turnieren mit ihrer Erkennungsmusik in die Hallen ein. While one is outside and one inside, the depth of field is pretty shallow in both light situations. Thank you for this! Hine also used wide angle lenses and open apertures to capture more light (allowing a faster shutter speed that reduced blur from movement), both of which contributed to shallower depth of field. Lewis Hine ist kein bloßer Lichtbildner, er hat eine Mission; seine Arbeit prägt ein moralischer Anspruch. In the Stieglitz photo the girl, in soft focus, is surrounded by nature with tree branches and plant stems behind her and in front of her. Find more prominent pieces of photo at – best visual art database. In Hine’s images, he is allowing for a plane of focus sometimes no deeper than a few inches. Hine’s use of shallow depth of field makes his photos more compositionally interesting, but also introduces a confusion for the viewer. Discover canvas art prints, photos, mural, big canvas art and framed wall art in's varied collections. In this photo, we can see that the table edge is fuzzy directly in front of the first girl’s bowl, and immediately behind her, such that her neighbor’s cup is already falling out of focus. This eliminated the possibility of the camera using a true wide angle lens. In the image below, the grass in the foreground is blurred, and the boys’ game is captured in focus for about 6-10 ft. before falling off again. Both of these boys are shown at half-length, near a work environment, facing toward the photographer and centered.