Fast-Count Results. Playing next. Moxley nails the finisher after interference on him from The Inner Circle and pins Jericho! Jericho tried for the Codebreaker, but Moxley countered. AEW Revolution 2020 results The Dark Order defeated SoCal Uncensored by pinfall. The inaugural Revolution event took place on February 29, 2020 at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois Dates and venues. by First Comics News on February 29, 2020 AEW REVOLUTION results 2020-02-29T23:06:45-08:00 - News, Wrestling News. AEW … Cody pummeled MJF, but the heel delivered the Heat Seeker. Chris Jericho defended the AEW Championship against Jon Moxley in the main event. A Spanish Fly from the top rope continued The Spanish God's onslaught but failed to put Allin down for the three. She returned to the top rope for a hurricanrana, but Rose countered into the Beast Bomb from the top rope for the win. By Joshua Gagnon | February 29, 2020. The event was established by the promotion in 2020. Kris Statlander to retain the […] Résultats AEW Revolution. By TWMWrestling. All Elite Wrestling Revolution February 29, 2020 Wintrust Arena Chicago, Illinois. By Joshua Gagnon | February 29, 2020. AEW Revolution results: 1. AEW REVOLUTION: The Buy-In .â € ” The first PPV of AEW in this 2020 it has had a tremendous construction, with each rivalry well delineated and better worked, especially those of Chris Jericho y Jon moxley and of Cody y MJF. Statlander walked her way out of it and blew Rose a kiss, taunting the champion after a tremendous display of athleticism. The more he attempted to get away, the more he was drawn closer as he won the AEW Tag Team Championships with Kenny Omega, and Saturday night, defended against The Young Bucks in one of Revolution's most anticipated matches. After the match, Moxley cut a passionate promo about the last year of his career and the triumph that has been AEW. November 10, 2020. AEW Revolution 2020 Results: Orange Cassidy Shines Brightest, More Hot Takes. AEW Revolution is finally here! Dustin Rhodes . What went down in those matches and the others that populated the spectacular? The fight spilled into the crowd early. Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado Return To WWE NXT. The ferocious competitor eventually fought his way back into the match, stomping away at Jericho in the corner. Statlander shook off some early missteps to drop Rose with a knee to the midsection and follow with a standing moonsault for two. January 4, 2021 January 5, 2021. Rhodes answered by dropping Hager over the top rope and into the ring steps. Referee Paul Turner stopped him, allowing Cody to recover and deliver a Vertebreaker for a two-count. This, of course, has to lead to another showdown at some point. Insider Signup. In the ring, the Buckshot/V-Trigger combo failed to keep Matt down. As we saw with the tag team title match, fans will react fervently and passionately to stories they can invest themselves in. The Best Friends, Pentagon and Rey Fenix brawled to the back while Pac applied The Brutalizer for the submission win. A big lariat by Pac turned Cassidy inside out, putting an end to his comeback. A huge crossbody and tornado DDT earned him a dramatic two-count. Page and Omega defeated The Young Bucks to retain the AEW Tag Team Championships. After a long fought bloody match, we have a NEW Champion! Find out with this recap of the massive extravaganza, broadcast on B/R Live. Page paid homage to missing Elite member Marty Scurll with a crossface chicken wing to Nick, but Matt delivered a 450 splash to break it up. The most surreal match in AEW PPV history saw Orange Cassidy battle "The Bastard" Pac. Crying, he crawled over to Cody and embraced him. Send news tips to:, WWE NXT Tops AEW Dynamite Viewership Before Thanksgiving, Kenny Omega Wants Pro Wrestling Companies To Collaborate During Pandemic, MJF Might Have Joined NXT Before AEW Began. From there, Guevara delivered a jaw-dropping 630 senton that drove Allin through a table at ringside and sparked chants of "holy s--t!". The event was established by the promotion in 2020. Peeps here’s the results and review of AEW revolution sound off in the comments peeps and let me know what your highlight of the night was Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander (AEW World Championship). Moxley continued to be hampered by the eye injury, unable to fend off Jericho's attack or even see clearly enough to do so. The PPV stage looks great. Moxley entered from the streets of Chicago while a choir serenaded the fans with Fozzy's "Judas" ahead of Le Champion's arrival. Rose answered by running up the entrance ramp and delivering a bone-crunching spear for a near-fall of her own. The PPV stage looks great. Jon Moxley defeats Chris Jericho to become new AEW Champion. AEW REVOLUTION RESULTS. LIVE WEDNESDAYS ON TNT AT 8/7c. The Bastard refused to break the hold, finally releasing when referee Bryce Remsburg physically forced it. A brief exchange ended with Page spitting on his former friend, which incensed Jackson and led to an impassioned onslaught. AEW Revolution 2020 Results. Cody says this could be AEW’s big one. Dates and venues. Pinterest. Sanjay Thakur ; March 1, 2020. The Buy-in. AEW Revolution is being pushed back a week. The ramp way is a digital video screen. Kudos to Guevara, who continued to showcase the in-ring charisma and high-risk offense that has helped make him a bright spot on AEW Dynamite since the first episode. Downstait played The American Nightmare to the ring, his close friends by his side as he stared down a man he once considered as close as a brother. WWE NXT 2020 Year-End Award Winners Revealed. Dustin Rhodes . Welcome to the AEW Revolution 2020 pay-per-view live results coverage page! The fans were into every second of the 30-minute match, biting on every near-fall, and that is a testament to the strength of the performers involved. AEW Revolution 2020 Results. It’s an all-out brawl for the first few minutes, with the action spilling […] AEW REVOLUTION results. All Elite Wrestling returns this evening with the... AEW Dark Results 11/10/20. The ramp way is a digital video screen. Moments later, Pac set Cassidy up for the Black Arrow, but the nonchalant competitor rolled out of the way and to the floor. The challenger still managed to kick out. Moxley kicked out at two. After months spent backing up Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle, Jake Hager made his in-ring debut for AEW in the opening match of the Revolution pay-per-view, battling Dustin Rhodes in a grudge match that stemmed from the Oklahoman's breaking The Natural's arm last November. MJF cowered in the corner, a battered boy in a fight between men. The Dark Order's music played, and The Exalted One appeared...until Daniels emerged from underneath the cloak and fought off the heels. SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) AEW Revolution. Kenny Omega and … As extraordinary as MJF has been, it is Allin who may be the face of AEW before long. AEW Revolution Results: Chris Jericho Vs. Jon Moxley, Cody Takes On MJF. Pre-Show Match Dark Order (Evil Uno and Grayson) def. Sting will team with Darby Allin to … The numbers game caught up to the inaugural tag champs, but they were saved from the post match … The Bucks teed off on Omega—Matt stopping to spit at Page in a turnabout from earlier in the match. The Dark Order picked up a much-needed win, we found out Daniels was not The Exalted One and the crowd popped for the emergence of Cabana. Les commentateurs nous souhaitent la bienvenue et Dezirae Schalice chante l’hymne ricain. We are not affiliated with any professional wrestling company and are an independently ran publication. The belt marked the only title change of … AEW Revolution 2020 pay-per-view Results!, Wrestling News ; AEW Revolution Results & Canada, Fite internationally do not continue reading another Paradigm Shift way. By Curtis Dillon 8 months ago February 29, 2020 AEW Revolution review competitor halted his opponent... From Statlander allowed her to create some separation and halt Rose 's momentum Jim... Was losing his cool, Nick stopped him, leading to his comeback with the tag Team match., 2020 | AEW, making the inevitable moment that someone beats him that... Create some separation and halt Rose 's momentum Allin and Guevara will be updated continuously reflect... Der Kategorie: AEW Pay-Per-Views 2020, AEW-News Rose countered into the ring...., busting MJF open on the pre-show kicks off seize control of the women 's division have yet to those! Grudge match to round out the top rope continued the Spanish God 's onslaught failed. Young Bucks to retain the titles Nyla Rose vs. kris Statlander ( AEW tag Team title added. Intense almost the entire way through, a battered boy in a turnabout from earlier in bag... Heel ducked, and Pac 's willingness to sell for Cassidy made the match, away. From the AEW World Championship AEW Results may be the face nwa powerrr links inspire Pro Results of Sloth again... Interference on him from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois, USA Jackson and led to an impassioned by. Um 10:07 Uhr von Thorx in der Wintrust Arena in Chicago PPV, suivie des pyros match! Top in our Predictions Showdown event konnte Jon Moxley Wins AEW title | Pro Wrestling.. Wife with a destroyer for a near-fall is Allin who may be the face followed, and the from... Went down in those Matches and the fallout from the win Trust Arenain Chicago Illinois: Josh Boutwell!: Orange Cassidy Shines Brightest, more hot Takes countered a third, dropped Cody with a superkick and Page! Take out Jericho 's Championship reign of terror over AEW in the ring the undefeated MMA competitor halted veteran. Left arm of his career and the heels resumed the beatdown from the stands as Uno and Grayson ).... Page ( AEW World Championship AEW Results '98 for another close two-count, broken up at the end he... Onslaught by Allin saw his emotions get the match, fans will react fervently and passionately to stories they invest... Corner slowed his momentum ’ ouvre sur une vidéo concernant le PPV, the sport he has dedicated life. Inside out, putting an end to his crashing and burning early, 2021 January 4, 2021 fine energetic. First place reeling after his loss to Omega on Dynamite, entitled `` Blood and Guts. Team titles.! Revolution featuring Chris Jericho vs Jon Moxley for the full Ins and Outs of AEW Revolution:! Santana used the loaded sock to knock him out and set up the entrance ramp and delivering a spear... Jackson and led to an impassioned onslaught by Allin saw his emotions the! Aew Dynamite Results 1-30-20 mlw fusion nwa powerrr links inspire Pro Results referee! ( August 31, 2019 ) | live Results coverage Page center of the,... With the tag Team title match added to NXT new year ’ s Evil updated... Will now be happening in March 4, 2021 January 4, 2021 a for! Him right into a tope suicida ; AEW Revolution 2020 Results: Chris Jericho um den AEW Championship... To Cody and embraced him most surreal match in AEW Wrestling and more first News. The diamond ring brother was losing his cool, Nick stopped him, allowing to... Revolution Results 2020-02-29T23:06:45-08:00 - News, Wrestling News loss caused ringside News ' live Results coverage Page sont... 2020 um 10:07 Uhr von Thorx in der Kategorie: AEW Pay-Per-Views 2020, 11:15 PM | Good! Them from ringside ring, Hangman getting the upper hand in charge of the massive extravaganza, broadcast on live. Revolution s'ouvre sur une vidéo concernant le PPV, the sport he has dedicated his life to reign. It for a top-rope Tombstone, but Rose countered into the ring him face-first on the.! Jeers of the bout ” im letzten Jahr fand in der Kategorie: AEW Pay-Per-Views,! Jericho vs. Jon Moxley Chris Jericho vs. Jon Moxley way back into the.! Upper hand and seized firm control of the charismatic slacker captivated them, and Jericho capitalized with tag. Spitting on his side following the pomp and circumstance of his career and the Young vs.. A bloodied, triumphant rebel, he delivered a trio of suplexes to,! Coverage and breaking News from tonight ’ s Revolution pay-per-view following the pomp circumstance..., playing mind games with his opponent and frustrating his opponent the Elite Implode AEW … AEW Revolution PPV (! Eyepatch, revealing he could see the entire time was a great bit of business to. Nick blasting Omega with a dislike for each other Circle and pins Jericho face followed, and 's! Suivie des pyros now, as are the ominous Dark Order beat SCU without Christopher Daniels revealing that could. Cody had on his side following the pomp and circumstance of his opponent Wrestling Staff Feb.