Zachary Davies Bore of The Independent claimed that "The Native American assassin is quite probably the most compelling character on the show". Was Hanzee Otto and Wilma's Son "No, that was never my idea. How old was Hanzee? Initially a tracker and enforcer for the Gerhardt crime family, Hanzee serves as eldest son Dodd’s right hand man for much of the season. Or some journals (I still write old school). It can be assumed that Bear's decision to end Simone's life was driven by the thought that the elder sibling might have already been gone. hanzee is the illegitimate son of Otto. And third, having that new identity from that fixer at the end really felt like an existing relationship rather than a new one. * One theory batted around by a few — that Hanzee was Otto Gerhardt’s son via the cook — was “never my idea,” Hawley made clear. * One theory batted around by a few — that Hanzee was Otto Gerhardt’s son via the cook — was “never my idea,” Hawley made ... “Otto had come across him” and took Hanzee off the streets. It can be assumed that Bear's decision to end Simone's life was driven by the thought that the … I felt more that he had been basically taken off the streets by Otto. Raised by the family (but never part of it), Hanzee has become Dodd’s right hand man. Hanzee walks this interesting line. A few episodes ago, there was a scene where it was said that Otto took Hanzee in at age 8. Dodd has sent Bear's son Charlie to kill Ed (without Bear's consent) but he fails and is arrested, when the family finds out, Floyd sends Dodd to kill Ed and Bear to rescue Charlie, most of the men in the farm go with them including Hanzee, leaving only a few in the farm with Floyd, Simone and Otto. However, he eventually turns on the Gerhardts, personally killing Dodd and setting up the rest of the family to be killed in a shootout with … Hanzee's investigation leads him to find Rye's belt buckle in the Blumquist fireplace. Lou calls him a shit cop and heads out with Hank to save the day, minus Ben. I just finished rewatching S2 and in the finale there is a scene where Ricky G is trying to rob the Gerhardts house after they are dead but Mike and Gale are there. so heres the theory. OUTSIDE- DAY / Hanzee is crouched on the ground cradling and petting a rabbit. He was eventually found by Otto Gerhardt, who took Hanzee in and allowed him to live at the family compound. The Gerhardts' Henchman Is A Mysterious Man", "Review: 'Fargo' – 'Loplop': Positive Peggy learns to see it, then be it", "Zahn McClarnon on 'Fargo' and What Makes Hanzee Tick", "Fargo season 2 episode 8 review: Loplop", "Fargo Season 2 Finale Stretches a Little Too Far to Connect to Season 1",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 November 2020, at 10:43. Following this, Rye got hit by a car driven by Peggy Blumquist, who drove home with him in her windshield and where he was killed by her husband Ed in self-defense. Either way, even a tiny bit helps. Joe Bulo (Brad Garrett) Advertisement: 1975 "The Law of Non-Contradiction": Thaddeus Mobley meets movie producer Howard Zimmerman in Los Angeles after winning a Golden Planet Award and begins negotiating a movie deal for his book ‘’The Planet Wyh’’. "[2], The reveal that Hanzee eventually becomes the mob boss Mr. Tripoli from season one has received criticism, however. No he was adopted from residential school for native children around 8 years old. Ohanzee "Hanzee" Dent is a fictional character in the FX television series Fargo, appearing in the second season, played by Zahn McClarnon. The beginning brings us back to Fargo 1951 when Otto Gerhardt takes his son, ... Hanzee’s about to show his gratitude for the info by knifing the dufus when Karl, played by Nick Offerman, comes out of the bathroom and averts the crisis with strong words and showing his gun. But she is around making the bread. In the cold open, a flashback to 1950, we see a young Dodd save his father Otto’s life by committing his first hit. Or a new pen. R.I.P. While inquiring about the car, Hanzee meets Sonny, a mechanic. That and Dodd was always just being a straight up racist asshole to him, right up until he died. I thought the comment about Mike being Otto’s son was … To make sure he stays on the throne, the guy is planning to eliminate Otto — and right in front of his young son. Hanzee stabs Floyd to death and, as he moves to kill the Blumquists, a UFO appears in the midst of the chaos, distracting him. Split-screen appears to show the Gerhardt syndicate: Dodd is sitting at the dining table looking lost in thought.

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