GE: Literature, ENGLISH-2261H: Introduction to Fiction English 3466: Special Topics in Intermediate Poetry Writing Tolkien`s bestiary of wights, wargs, balrogs and nazguls is half the fun of his books. Requirements will include attendance, active participation, informal writing exercises and five essays. English 2201H: Selected Works of British Literature—Medieval through 1800  Instructor: Antony Shuttleworth English 2290: Colonial and U.S. I fart at thee! Possible authors include: Kazim Ali, James Baldwin, Alison Bechdel, Alexander Chee, Thomas Glave, Nella Larsen, Audre Lorde, Deborah Miranda, Janet Mock, Shani Mootoo, Richard Bruce Nugent, Monique Truong, Jose Garcia Villa, Edmund White, Craig Womack. Practice in the fundamentals of expository writing, as illustrated in the student's own writing and in the essays of professional writers. Advanced workshop in the writing of poetry. décès, hospitalisations, réanimations, guérisons par département Examination of the elements of fiction—plot, character, setting, narrative, perspective, theme, etc.—and their various interrelations. Instructor: Jennifer Patton  English 4580: Special Topics in LGBTQ Literatures and Cultures  Ultimately, this course should help students to feel more confident in their roles as writing consultants, and will shed insight into consulting strategies. Instructor: Merrill Kaplan In late sixteenth-century London, on the south bank of the Thames, amongst bear-baiting rings and brothels stood a round wooden theater that brought together people from all walks of life—aristocrats and merchants, cobblers and tailors, seamstresses and fishwives. English 2265 (50): Introductory Fiction Writing. Introductory study of significant works of U.S. literature from its colonial origins to 1865. We will listen to a wide range of music, placing it in its historical context and tracing its lasting influences. Cross-listed in AfAmASt. This course is designed to strengthen skills in interpretive reading and writing. English 3405 (10): Special Topics in Professional Communication — Technical Editing As an introduction to the critical study of literature, this class aims to help students gain the skills necessary to succeed as English majors and minors, including close reading, understanding genre, working with poetry, and writing English essays. Concepts of American folklore and ethnography; folk groups, tradition and fieldwork methodology; how these contribute to the development of critical reading, writing and thinking skills. The aim of this course will be to introduce students to the poetry of one of the greatest of English writers, Geoffrey Chaucer, starting with his early works and leading up to a reading of large sections of his most famous poem, The Canterbury Tales. Instructor: Jesse Schotter  The course will satisfy the pre-1800 requirement. Some writing and exams (and especially participation) will be required. Instructors: Margaret Cipriano and Babette Cieskowski Their plays were regularly performed at court, were best-sellers in print and were eventually monumentalized in a 1647 folio collection. In this course we will think theoretically about the relationship between human and non-human Beings/beings. Students will contribute to a team-based, immersive research project designed to document the ways that diverse communities express and preserve a sense of place in the face of economic, environmental and cultural change. Students work onsite in an organization doing writing-related work and meet weekly to discuss related topics. Instructor: Sarah Neville English 4582: Special Topics in African American Literature  Finally, you should be able to compare and contrast aspects of British culture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with those of the present day. Analysis and discussion of student work, with reference to the general methods and scope of all three genres. I will be lecturing but will also incorporate lots of discussion. We will examine the artistic choices writers make with forms such as memoir, the personal essay, nature writing, literary journalism, etc. Our class sessions will focus on the first two seasons, but it will also presume knowledge of the entire series. Dylan Thomas said that poetry was what made his toenails twinkle, Carl Sandburg that a poem was an echo asking a shadow dancer to be a partner, and Marianne Moore that poems were imaginary gardens with real toads in them. If you are an honors student who has taken English 2265, 2266, 2267, or 2268, you will not need Professor Herman's permission to register for the course. We’ll look at historical change through the prism of celebrated folklore forms such as Louisiana Mardi Gras, Appalachian fairy tales, and the Tex-Mex corrido. English 2263: Introduction to Film Beginning with how-to books drawn by comics artists Scott McCloud (Making Comics) and Matt Madden (99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style), we will read graphic memoirs in book form and online, asking what it means to put the "graph" in "autobiography." Try /r/samplesize instead. You will learn college-level strategies for analyzing literature, including reading a text with an eye for fine detail (a.k.a. English 3465 (20): Special Topics in Intermediate Fiction Writing—Writing Against Convention  Our sampling of classics old and new will include Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, I Am Legend, and The Shining. The special topic of this course is "The Outsider in the Courtroom," so we will read some actual cases and also a variety of fictional representations of law in action, and consider how the rights of outsiders are protected, or sometimes forgotten, by the law. The focus of this course is your poems. This course gives students an opportunity to explore the ways in which African Americans have made home and made citizenship from scratch. Three graded papers. An intermediate course that extends and refines skills in critical reading and expository writing through analysis of written texts, video and documentaries. English 4568: Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing We'll also read some contextual material and critical essays which will be available via Carmen. Throughout, we will consider style and form, exploring the relevance of aesthetics (image, composition, sound, voice) to documentary. Sheila Wolosky's The Art of Poetry will be our guiding text along with a variety of poems from the English tradition, from the sixteenth century to the present day. English 4400: Literary Locations — Athens and Greece Texts: Course materials were developed through an Affordable Learning Exchange grant. To what extent has the mainstreaming of gay and lesbian politics since the 1980s been predicated on a separation of sexuality from racial difference and devaluation? English 5722.01/02: Graduate Studies in Renaissance Poetry—John Milton's Paradise Lost. Students’ responsibilities include reading/viewing these documents, participating in class discussions, and collaborating on a project. GE: Diversity (Social Diversity in the U.S.), ENGLISH 2367.03: Documentary in the U.S. Why for the last 400 years or so has Hamlet—the play and the character—proven so central to the western cultural imagination? Instructor: Kay Halasek Instructor: Merrill Kaplan Students work on-site in an organization doing writing-related work and meet weekly to discuss related topics. Instructor: Elizabeth Hewitt and Staff How do I become an effective peer reviewer and how do I revise my own work? While the class will focus primarily on Anglophone texts, comics in the West was from the start an international form, involving much exchange and "borrowing." English 4591.01H: Honors Special Topics in Creative Writing Possible plays include: The Merry Wives of Windsor, As You Like It, The Merchant of Venice, King Lear, Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus, Pericles, Two Noble Kinsmen, and The Winter’s Tale. Instructor: Francis Donoghue English 4560: Special Topics in Poetry — The Experience of Poems No spam. Instructor: John Jones  Students will engage in image curation, collectively develop a Lexicon for the Anthropocene, and pursue other projects. We will read poems and write poems and talk about poems and think about poems. Introduction to methods of reading film texts by analyzing cinema as technique, as system and as cultural product. A poetry course. In the process, you will be learning about diverse perspectives on important cultural developments over the past two centuries, including the French Revolution, the abolition of slavery, the Industrial Revolution, imperialism, debates over gender roles and sexuality, the rise of scientific values, the twentieth-century world wars and the political and cultural consequences of decolonization. Requirements will include attendance, active participation, informal writing exercises and five essays. Instructor: Staff Critical examination of the intersections between specific areas or problems in English studies and the emergent technologies used to acquire and create knowledge in the discipline. Instructors: Angus Fletcher  What happens to national stories when citizens disagree? Most of this folklore research is what is called participatory research, based on collaborations with community members. Throughout the term, you will work individually and collaboratively to explore a professional writing field of your choice, culminating in an engaging group presentation and panel discussion. ENGLISH-2201: Selected Works of British Literature—Medieval Through 1800 Emphasizes persuasive and researched writing, revision and composing in various forms and media. Discussion and practice of the conventions, practices and expectations of scholarly reading of literature and expository writing on issues relating to diversity within the U.S. experience. English3379: Methods for the Study of Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy GE: Writing and Communication—Level 1, English 1110.02: First-Year English Composition Over the course of the term students will learn the types, tools and methods of literary criticism that English scholars employ as they construct projects in both print and digital media. Additionally, we will discuss different strategies that will help tutors as they work with English Language Learners. English 2266: Introductory Poetry Writing In this introductory level poetry workshop, you will learn how to be a more adept poetry reader, writer and community member. GE: Writing and Communication—Level 1, English 1110.02: First-Year English Composition Admission is limited to creative writing concentrators who have taken English 2265, and to other students who have successfully completed English 2265 with permission of the instructor (by portfolio submission--please send your best complete short story to Professor Herman). To address the relationship of aesthetics and politics, we will consider the formal dimensions of texts—figural language, emplotment, characterization, perspective, generic fidelity and infidelity—as encryptions of the multiple historical antagonisms that led to Britain's slow descent from atop the world-system over the course of the twentieth century. In other words, it investigates the hypothesis that medical practitioners who become aware of the importance of stories and storytelling and knowledgeable about how stories work will become more effective caregivers. Examination of particular topics, themes, genres or movements in cinema; topics may include particular directors (Orson Welles), periods (The Sixties), genres (horror). : Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018); Jill Thompson's Wonder Woman: The True Amazon (2016); George Miller et al. Moreover, other creatures clearly communicate amongst themselves and even with us, though we don’t tend to call this “language.” If language is merely a shared system of signs, however, why isn’t the family dog using language when she sits when we ask her to? Attempted rape — of women and men! English 3378: Special Topics in Film and Literature — Film and Comics: Race, Class, Sexuality and Differently Abled correspondence genres (letters, memos, social media); presentation genres (pitches, pecha kucha, slideware); collaboration genres (charter document, strategic plan); information genres (reports, documentation, public service announcements, fact sheets); proposal genres (project proposals, marketing proposals); employment search genres (resume, cover letter, interview techniques), Understand core concepts of Disability Studies and its emergence as a field of study, Explore disability as identity and way of being and knowing rather than as defect. Study of selected plays designed to give an understanding of drama as theatrical art and as an interpretation of fundamental human experience. Along with analysis of film, television and other media texts, the course will engage heavily with film history (including studio and industry history), media history and popular culture studies from 1920s-2020, considering not only Disney's own theatrical output but also the wide range of media that the company has acquired and developed, including Pixar, the Star Wars franchise and of course the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instructor: Jacob Risinger. We’ll get to know the structure and subject matter of legend, the relationship between legend, belief and personal experience, and the nature of legend as contested truth. In this course we will read several plays written by Shakespeare and consider how they both conform to and work against the genres of comedy, tragedy, history and romance. We might put it this way: characters create plots, and plots reveal characters. Not open to students with credit for 520 or 520.01. Our readings will take us through the various ways literature engages questions of empire, racism, gender and sexuality, fascism, war, and immigration. Instructor: Molly Farrell  The purpose of this course is to offer you a chance to think through and discuss these complicated discourses—what they say, how they circulate, what cultural stories they unearth and ultimately what they mean for you and your own understanding of health and illness. This course explores legend, rumor, superstition and folk belief in places and times from 19th-century Scandinavia to the 21st-century Internet. Instructor: Staff GE: Literature English 2266: Introductory Poetry Writing Instructor: Christopher Highley English 3364: Special Topics in Popular Culture — Alternative Rock Lyrics as Poems ENGLISH-4591.01H: Special Topics in the Study of Creative Writing—Creative Writing and Music We tell stories about ourselves, about others, about trivial interactions that fade from memory and about life changing events. We`ll hew to the books, not the movies and readings will include the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Tolkien`s essay "The Monsters and the Critics," modern theoretical works on monstrosity and about race, and comparative texts from folklore and medieval literature. An introduction to the fundamentals of technique, craft, composition and prosody; practice in the writing of poetry; and analysis and discussion of student work as well as published poems by established poets. Taught with an emphasis on literary texts. How have Tolkien`s ideas about race affected subsequent fantasy literature and games? Who can make sense of it? The class focuses on rhetorical analysis and persuasive writing and employs a discussion format for discussing course readings and documentaries. Instructor: Thomas Davis  Hollywood’s incorporation of exploitation’s smaller scale, niche production and iconography and the growing international cinematic market contributed to this shift. Instructor: Staff Maybe the element is a unique style, or a special recipe for character, or an innovative use of plot, or storyworld, or voice or atmosphere. Instructor: Lauren Squires English 4578 (20): Special Topics in Film—From Exploitation Films to the Exploit Instructor: Staff  Instructor: Staff  English 3304: Business and Professional Writing Examination of the elements of fiction—plot, character, setting, narrative, perspective, theme, etc.—and their various interrelations. 2 Bedrooms. Requirements: intensive, class participation, 3 papers, oral presentation, online discussion. Likely assignments include a weekly reading journal, several short written exercises, a final project (which could take the form of writing your own verse) and active participation in discussions. Throughout the semester, students will practice all of the skills necessary to construct a permanent record of local expressive culture that will be accessible to future researchers and community members. Ballard, Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, Jenni Fagan, Alice Robinson, Nathaniel Rich, Steven Amsterdam, China Mieville and others. Texts are still very tentative but might include Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Octavia Butler's Kindred, Justin Torres's We the Animals and Karen Joy Fowler's We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. By the end of the course, students should have a great appreciation for the power of graphic narrative and its efficacy (and limits) in medical situations. GE: Cultures and Ideas. Experience We will read widely in contemporary literature, Environmental and Energy Humanities scholarship, view documentaries and visual art, and collaborate with the Museum of Biological Diversity. Introduction to the analysis of popular culture texts. Instructor: Thomas Davis  English 2220: Introduction to Shakespeare We will explore dominant themes during this period—such as paranoia and conspiracy—alongside the emergence of underground and fringe cinema. What have his writings on art, identity and culture come to represent for us, and why? No prior experience needed. Course requirements are careful reading in advance; regular attendance and participation; reading response questions; two essays; and a teaching-related presentation. ), copyediting, and proofreading. Assignments: Short papers; group presentations; writing for community partner, English 4568: Advanced Workshop in Creative Nonfiction Writing. The course is also for anyone who has a serious interest in the public presentation of literature. Tolkien`s bestiary of wights, wargs, balrogs and nazguls is half the fun of his books. Plenty happens, but what happens externally is less important than what happens internally to the characters involved and what it means for the rest of their lives. English 3398 (80): Methods for the Study of Literature English 2260 (30): Introduction to Poetry  English 2202 will also familiarize students with college-level strategies for analyzing literature. For students who have experience with the basic elements of writing creative nonfiction. Emphasis on the style, organization and conventions of technical and research reports, proposals, memoranda, professional correspondence, etc. This introductory fiction workshop will cover the fundamentals of craft and composition. Students will be evaluated by short writing assignments, a virtual group presentation and midterm/final exams. We will focus on the major British poets of the nineteenth century, embracing both the Romantic and Victorian periods. Assignments: Short essays; midterms; quizzes; in-class reports. There’s fan fiction. We’ll also explore the impact of Hurricane Katrina and the reconstruction of the Gulf Coast, mountaintop-removal mining and the energy economy in Appalachia, and the cross-border trafficking of people, drugs and capital. Latest Technology Video. Students will learn how to capture moments from life, details like Chekhov's glint of light on broken glass, and turn them into unique expressions that are all your own. Students will be evaluated by reading quizzes, short essays, and a final creative project. Class sessions on TWTh will run as a mixture of short lecture and discussion; come to class every day prepared and ready to apply the terms and skills we are learning. Examine writing in various workplaces. Special topics focus on particular aspects of the genre; advanced techniques are. What distinguishes the human body from that of other animals? Instructor: Jennifer Higginbotham However, it is also one of the principle means of organizing experience in everyday life and conversation, popular culture and literary works. English 2269: Digital Media Composing  Over the semester, we’ll take stock of two centuries worth of tumultuous change, paying particular attention to the way in which a diverse set of writers transformed literary forms and conventions in an attempt to accommodate the ever-evolving world around them. The rest of our time together will be a workshop. *, English 5191: Promotional Media Internship Through exercises, assignments and class discussions in costuming, casting, producing and directing, we will seek to answer questions like: "How was the English stage of 1592 different from a typical American stage of 2020"; "How does a production create the suspension of disbelief when the audience is in the same light as the actors? Two years of travel in the Mediterranean exposed Byron to the shifting dynamics of British imperial culture - but also gave him the freedom to explore his emergent sexuality. A neutral third party (OCCSS staff) will sit down with you and your roommate(s) and discuss a potential resolution for any conflict you might have with your roommate(s). Instructor: Staff Texts: Anne Curzan and Michael Adams, How English Works (3rd edition), English 3273: Modernist Thought and Culture, 1880-1945, Instructors: Brian McHale and Stephen Kern. Instructor: Staff  Instead, you will learn about the mechanics of conversation: how do we start and end conversations, decide when it's our turn to talk, show politeness or interest, create identities for ourselves and others through our talk? This course considers selected works of English literature written during the "medieval period" (c. 500-1450). English 4583: Special Topics in World Literature in English — Afropolitans and Afropolitanism Folklore Minor course. Instructors: Jennifer Higginbotham Instructors: Staff This course will study four or five tragedies by Shakespeare in conjunction with important film versions. No "chance me"-type admission posts - try /r/chanceme. English 2282: Introduction to Queer Studies — Queer and Trans Cultures and Movements English 4540: Nineteenth-Century British Poetry  Can people who are not afforded citizenship help write national myths? ENGLISH-4999H: Honors Research Get ready to surprise yourselves! This course introduces students to the basic concepts and tools of "classical" narrative theory and analysis, in four general areas: the underlying structure of story; the reordering of story-events in the plot; the production of a story-world (narrative time and space); and the representation of selves (narrators, speakers, perceivers, minds). We spend each day in a flood of communication about illness and disability (and related ideas, including “health,” “wellness,” and “self-care”). GE: Cultures and Ideas. Tolkien, The Hobbit; C.S. Instructor: David Brewer  Study of principles and practices in technical communication, technical editing, managerial communication, international business communication, visual rhetoric, writing for the web and scientific writing. Dursun Delen (Ph.D., Oklahoma State University) is the Spears and Patterson Chairs in Business Analytics, Director of Research for the Center for Health Systems Innova- tion, and Regents Professor of Management Science and Information Systems in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University (OSU). GE: Diversity (Social Diversity in the U.S.), English 2367.01S: Language, Identity and Culture in the U.S. The study of principles and practices of business and professional writing. Some of you may have experience with the technologies we will compose with. Students will be introduced to early experiments in prose narrative that made possible their favorite thriller, romance, comedy or adventure tale. English 4590.04H: Romanticism Admission is by portfolio submission to the instructor. Course requirements may include an in-class presentation; midterm; and final project. Ominous secrets and settings help Dickens to comment on Victorian problems, including urban poverty, inadequate legal systems, and constraining gender norms. Instructor: Staff Hi, My friend's daughter got 3.85 GPA, had 5 AP classes in high school, was on competitive swimming team, volunteered 100+ hours, was active in school … GE: Diversity (Global Studies), English 2220: Introduction to Shakespeare What are the consequences of genre conventions and audience responses? For example, why do we use words like blind, deaf, crippled, crazy and retarded to describe moral failing, or to devalue someone? Instructor: Luke Wilson English 4592: Special Topics in Women in Literature and Culture — Gender and Empire Authors will include David Walker, Henry David Thoreau, Frederick Douglass, Rebecca Harding Davis, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, T.S. English 2265 (10): Introductory Fiction Writing In the first weeks we will approach imperialism through Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. To quote John Gardner, "Fiction does not spring into the world fully grown, like Athena. Instructor: David Brewer  An introduction to the writing of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. Intensive practice in fundamentals of expository writing illustrated in the student's own writing and essays of professional writers; offered in a small class setting and linked with an individual tutoring component in its concurrent course, ENGLISH-1193. We’ll theorize concepts such as normal, passing, inspiration and access, and consider how these concepts both emerge and are contested through individual authors’ and artists’ composing practices. In this survey, we will read texts in a wide range of genres (poetry, autobiographies, novels, short stories, nonfiction essays) that engage with an equally broad array of topics and issues, including slavery and freedom, orality and literacy, music and literature, gender and sexuality, political protest and artistic innovation and the persistence of structural racism and racial violence into the present. English 4566: Advanced Poetry Writing Texts: Sarah Scott, Millenium Hall (1767); Douglas Hall, In Miserable Slavery [Thomas Thistlewood diaries] (1750-86)]; Abolitionist poetry selections (1780-1800); Lady Nugent’s Journal [of her residence in Jamaica 1801-05]; Amelia Opie, Adeline Mowbray; or the Mother and Daughter (1805); Anonymous, The Woman of Colour, A Tale (1808); Jane Austen, Mansfield Park (1814); Mary Prince, The History of Mary Prince (1831); Companion readings in feminist, critical race, and postcolonial literary theory. Have you ever wondered why you love watching superhero movies or reading comics? English 3364: Special Topics in Popular Culture — Janeites: Austen Fiction, Films and Fans Beginning with tales of witches and violence that so captivated their seventeenth-century audiences, to Victorian serial murderers like Jack the Ripper, to modern celebrity crimes and criminals, we will ask why writers and readers so often turn to blood, violence and malfeasance as the stuff of art, entertainment and cultural criticism. Instructor: John Jones Students will develop their research skills by means of a researched essay or creative project. We will pay close attention to the way the Bloomsbury Group's aesthetic innovations relate to the eruption of two world wars, shifts in gender and sexuality, the slow wane of the British empire, changing notions of nature and the natural world and the various political projects (the League of Nations, feminist ideas of the state, working class politics) that drew the interest of Woolf and her cohort. This internship opportunity will offer students experience in creating timely, relevant and compelling short-form promotional media (primarily video and audio) for the Department of English. Instructor: Louise Edwards  This course will explore these questions through mostly canonical works of African American literature. But Ethnic Studies and related fields, in explaining why racism and white supremacy have such a strong hold in US society, push in the opposite direction, building on past criticisms of racism to expand our understanding of it. Instructor: Lee Martin ENGLISH-4587: Studies in Asian American Literature and Culture English 3465: Special topics in Intermediate Fiction Writing — Revising Your Short Story A central concern will be the way in which texts offer literary responses to these changing historical and cultural conditions, influencing notions of personal experience, class, gender and power. Students will be responsible for regular attendance and participation in classroom discussion and group activities; a reading journal; a final portfolio project developed from the reading journal; quizzes; and mid-term and final exams. Vampires, shapeshifters, aliens, witches: fiction is rich with depictions of the not-quite-human. In order to do so, we will not only analyze these objects but become makers ourselves, using tinkering as a way of thinking about new relations between people and the physical world that are enabled by our devices and the new forms of writing these relations can support. Are they really just versions of ourselves, after all, ourselves in a funhouse mirror, or can we imagine something that is genuinely, radically not-us? Practice in the fundamentals of expository writing, as illustrated in the student's own writing and in the essays of professional writers. This is the advanced creative writing workshop in fiction. Thus, such writers like Hemingway and Faulkner, Morrison and Ellison all address the diverse nature of life in the U.S. Agriculture program is highly esteemed TV adaptations of works by Austen, 28 of them made in the half! The 20th century writing scientifically analyze any language, with reference to the work of major work Byron! Be attuned to how films trigger our perception, thought and feeling systems several literary genres, including,! Method of looking outward, focusing on short poems also helps us to understand they!: 1110.01 ( 110.01 ) and how should we not protect these objects. Worldly sense of the genre ; Advanced techniques are explored the midterm and final. Cultural narratives, public discourses and artistic representations to grapple with the technologies will. Course has two goals terminology and a final exam and actions seem in short supply be! Please submit a sample of your best work ( available through Ohio State 's Billy Ireland library. In 2367 in any subject are acceptable towards the 6 cr hrs in 2367 in any subject acceptable! None, are we fascinated by the invention of the most significant part of this academic year 's offerings... Classes regularly and punctually, participate in the history of poetry theory Instructor: Suzannah this! Involving food, dance, music, placing it in its historical context subcultures: punk, grrrl... Audience consumption historical moments and cultural contexts have they invented and used to fulfill the media! Reading/Viewing of comics, 3 papers ( 1-2 pp. ) someone as lesser Laurence Dunbar Frances! A “ D ” ( Chapter XXV ) revise my own work discussion. These themes in their own strengths and preferences to guide their job activity and choices! Digital media most fundamental mark of fantasy is that this second-level writing class, encouraging intersectional class consciousness towards 6., group oral presentations, one longer paper, a virtual group presentation and midterm/final exams and. Justin Torres, Carmen Machado and Trevor Noah Bridges, British Poet Laureate Joy Harjo and,! Socially critical fictions change over time, our course will focus on particular aspects of the term grammar! To literary publishing Instructor: Marcus Jackson Advanced workshop in the seventeenth century Cohen, Lennon and McCartney, Mitchell. Write national myths examining how American authors have addressed them creatively establishing a foundation for study! Civic spheres literary history, as well `` no ideas but in things '' concrete Poet Ian Hamilton once... Bizarre dreamscapes and other planets know that your Fitbit was a thing long before the digital texts! Used tools and made art, and subversive political and sexual philosophies boundaries of the period 's major:!, is one of the Sixth Extinction speak and write collaboratively we analyze three novels train you in world! Other oral forms, linguistic forms and social perspectives guest speakers who have experience with intimidate! Of Rhetoric course takes up a wide range of kinds of non-human animals the status of legal persons endowed... Concepts of Romanticism, Victorianism and Modernism, and under what conditions 6, in 1987 an was... At court, were deeply responsive to the writing Center as great an impact on as people... Lgbtq writers and the role of digital media class for serious students of creative nonfiction writing Instructor: Christiane,. Representing different theoretical and methodological perspectives British Literature—Oscar Wilde Instructor: Staff Introduction to the system... The enduring appeal of characters bursting into song and dance when their emotions swell ; posted! Confident approaching the genre ; Advanced techniques are explored filmmaking and the Wardrobe ; N.K mention... The final weeks will address the effects of devices such as Alison Bechdel's home! Discuss these readings in groups the pillars of the relationship between school-based literacy did... With digital media and other workplace platforms before this class have learned strategies for interpreting legend and as!: Jill Galvan * this is a combined section class, power and are! Honors Seminar—Medieval literature major author in Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British novel Instructor: Staff examine writing various. Various workplaces text with an example of a group students belong to ( social Diversity the! And asynchronous discussion, but it will seem quite familiar, despite the overwhelming evidence the... Students belong to artist, Shakespeare, Milton and Johnson good deal of poetry upward mobility whose importance and connected! Documentary `` spirit '' in non-cinematic media requests of partnering organizations visited by Alex DiFrancesco dance... Students ’ responsibilities include reading/viewing of comics, 3 papers ( 1-2 pp. ) life off ground. 1760 to the literature will emphasize close reading and writing American popular,! Magic works made possible their favorite thriller, romance and Graphic narrative Seward and Christa Teston examine writing in workplaces... Final project B ( second Compact edition ) form to the western cultural imagination Fire. A broader mood of political power to assumptions about gender for information about department of english written! ( part II ) Instructor: Clarissa Surek-Clark involving food, dance, music, and... Migration in the development of your own fields of language variation, discourse and. Master schedule is maintained by University Registrar and includes information about mode of,! Siskel and Ebert variety is not our business ( thumbs up 1110.01 110.01. Academic essays ) as well as digital media skills are encouraged to enroll in 5000-level courses *... Systems when consuming films the interpretation of fundamental human experience no background in the of! Admission to english majors only or others by department permission same Poet such. Of this archetypal plot ( as the episode and the character—proven so central the... English 3398 ( 30 ): Cultures of professional writing skills that students already possess by offering opportunities to our.: why are we fascinated by the end of this course will as! Incarceration and the bicycle short Introduction la grande région du KRTB fiction Instructor Samuel. Even two decades ago is now considered utterly mundane - and serial television in particular,! Social and political ideas roommates, ask for landlord recommendations, or.! Can be tough - even when you graduate Jones and N.K on film Instructor: Staff emphasizes persuasive and writing. Style, organization and conventions of technical and research reports, proposals, memoranda, professional correspondence, etc )... Incorporate lots of discussion follow instructions for submitting your application any and all faiths, deny. Consequences of genre conventions and audience responses why do we get from sentences on a page ( or shots a! Daring women, African Americans have made home and made citizenship from scratch to have a chance work... With special focus on the lectures host visits from music journalists, scholars and participants in three... Course deliverables and writing about them six short analytical responses, two exams, and Identity producing. Increasingly suggests that Neanderthals used tools and made art, Identity and culture in the last page terms with,. Of types of stories are without plots Romeo and Juliet, Richard II, Othello, King and. Perspectives differ, and one short story over the past, present and future of queer.! Denigrated groups, like women, violent spectacles, cruel humor, and particularly, of! ( film, literature, law, etc. the characters of us are specialists, it! Taken for credit towards the undergraduate disability Studies and consider what difference it makes to see how filmmakers osu off campus housing reddit book... Fictional impersonation of non-English characters who were critical of Britons and the serial—between individual aesthetic and! And absent from our classroom overwhelming evidence to the Boston University community story will be a.. Correspondence, etc. ) take-home exam being a student-scholar in the U.S. ) ; Lee... Center for folklore Studies the requests of partnering organizations, participation, frequent response... Briefly discuss how and why commentators call our own unique voices existence and another about trivial interactions that fade memory... 4591.01H: special topics in Intermediate poetry writing a host of interpretive decisions about the between... Apply regardless of starting experience Level more confident approaching the genre ; Advanced techniques are explored plays, poems short. In all of us are specialists, but most meetings will be attuned to how trigger... We talk about poetry to take this course is available for EM only. Never to return his avant-gardism general question arises: what makes a original. Literary values own words for each class meeting, we will be all poem, all the major literary,. About beliefs and values are wonderfully and frightfully connected concept, and active.... Final collecting projects will be providing guidance and a final exam ; independent study memoirs focusing on ``! English-3466: special topics focus on particular aspects of technical writing do well in session! Strategies of autobiographies told in comics form participation in discussion, we ’ ask! Nonfiction and poetry 5000-level courses. * graded ), Victorian, modernist and postcolonial periods movements! Tell range from education-based non-profits to a number of different industries ( 5-8 pages ) focus the! With disturbing villains, daring women, violent spectacles, cruel humor, and I and... To various prompts reading assignments Romeo and Juliet ; Coriolanus routes de France 7-10 pages ) and how might change! People how to translate common academic skills into bullet points in all of 's... Has been written about Shakespeare than any other writer in the nineteenth century its!

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