[2] The FIDE would re-use these time controls and the "rapid chess" moniker for the 2003 FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship, held in Cap d'Agde. Windies concede series after batting implodes again, Hemraj hits 109, takes 5-24 in Jaguars final practice match, Secondary schools participate in golf pilot programme, Baseball’s ‘Hammerin’ Hank’ Aaron, who held career home run record, dies at 86, Players failing to convert potential, laments Mohammed, South African Bagwandeen is December Open champion, Drayton, Taylor win senior, junior blitz titles, Davion Mars crowned 2020 National Blitz Chess Champion, Gopaul, Bagwandeen undefeated after three rounds. The winners of the 2020 FIDE World Youth Rapid Chess Championships have been decided! Murali 24/12/2020. Who will win the World Chess Championship 2020? The championship was originally structured as a 16-player round-robin tournament, set to coincide with the first release of FIDE's rapid and blitz ratings in July 2012; invited were the top 10 players in the FIDE ratings list, the three medalists of the qualification competition, and three wild-card nominees by the organization committee and FIDE. During the World Cup 2013, these time controls were also used for the rapid tiebreak stages. In the other half of the bracket, Viswanathan Anand defeated Peter Svidler in a sudden-death blitz game after three drawn games to join him. In April, Firouzja faced Magnus Carlsen in the final of the Chess24 Banter Blitz Cup and won. She goes by Enki007 on Chess.com. Ushenina nearly always opens games with 1.d4 and plays the Sicilian as Black against 1.e4. The World Rapid Chess Championship is a chess tournament held to determine the world champion in chess played under rapid time controls. Presented under the auspices of Online World Chess, the 2002 EuroTel Knockout Tournament was a 32-player single-elimination tournament hosted in Prague from 27 April to 5 May 2002. From 1996 to 1998, the Rapid Chess Championship at Frankfurt was organized as a double-round robin, followed by a match between the 1st and 2nd-place finishers for the championship. [39][40], The surprise of the tournament was Anatoly Karpov, who put together an impressive run with wins against Short, Kramnik, Morozevich, and Shirov to reach the finals. Delivered every morning. India’s best-ever women’s chess player, Humpy, was crowned the world women’s rapid champion in Moscow at the same venue where Magnus Carlsen won the men’s title in the space of a few minutes. hide. 39 points. Meanwhile, former junior chess champion for both Standard and Rapid chess in 2019, Andre Jagnandan, secured 6.5 points to gain bronze; he got six wins, one draw in round three to Neto, and two losses to Mars in round four and Uddhav in round six. World champion Magnus Carlsen bounced back to the top. Chennai: Indian Grandmaster P Harikrishna slipped to 10th spot after managing just one win and three draws on day two of the Champions Chess Tour Airthings Masters online chess championship. However, the position of Kasparov's king gave him a slight advantage, and with only two seconds left on his clock, Bareev could not find the drawing line and was forced to resign.[11]. After Game 1 ended in a quiet 19-move draw, Anand chose to play for complications in Game 2 in the white side of a Sveshnikov Sicilian. You can also post comments, and manage your email subscription. [37], In 2010, the event's final year, the Open GRENKE Rapid Championship featured a field of over 700 players. [6] Garry Kasparov, the current world champion, declined to participate in the event and derided the concept of an active chess champion afterwards - he was quoted as saying, "Active Chess? Following him into the knockout stage were the two Frenchmen, Bacrot and Tkachiev, and Michael Adams. The main event of the classic was the Grenkeleasing World Rapid Chess Championship (formerly Fujitsu-Siemens), a tournament generally considered as the traditional rapid chess championship in the absence of an annual FIDE-recognized championship. Looking to revive the World Rapid Chess Championship, FIDE gave official "world title" recognition to the 2003 rapid chess tournament held in Cap d'Agde, France. Third seed WIM Prianka Nuttaki with a good 4/5 start led the Under 18 Girls field after five rounds in the ASIAN CONTINENTAL SELECTION, FIDE ONLINE WORLD UNDER 10-18 RAPID CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020. Click to see spoiler. Alireza Firouzja competed under the flag of FIDE in this tournament after the Iranian federation withdrew all Iranian players so that they would not have to face players from Israel. The US Chess Federation has reigned in FIDE’s World Cadets and Youth Rapid Chess Championships. The winner of each age group will be the official representative to the Selection Stage of FIDE Online Rapid Chess Championships. The remaining participants were chosen on a wild-card basis at the organizers' discretion. On 24 January, 4 games of rapid chess were used as a tie-breaker; and Ju Wenjun retained the title with 1 win and 3 draws. The current time controls for the rapid championship are set at 15 minutes per player, with a 10-second increment. Shortly afterwards, the Chess Tigers withdrew financial backing for the event, due in part to the effects of the financial crisis of 2007–2008.[38]. Prior to 2012, the FIDEgave such recognition to a limited number of tournaments, with non-FIDE recognized tournaments annually naming a world rapid champion of their own. Mars ended with 7.5 points, courtesy of seven wins and one draw in the nine-round event. The eventual champion lost to Joshua Gopaul in round six and drew with Uddhav Bagwandeen in round two. The following year the field was expanded further to include all ten of the top 10-rated Grandmasters in the world, and was dubbed a Category 21 tournament with an average Elo rating of 2767. Player of the year was an incredibly close vote between World Champion Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura. [3], Prior to 2012, FIDE sporadically sanctioned a world rapid chess championship. 1 Blitz tiebreaks used to settle the outcome. 2. Hosted by the Caisse Centrale d'Activités Sociales des Electriciens et Gaziers de France (CCAS) on the Mediterranean coast, the 2003 tournament included eleven of the world's 12 top-ranked players along with five wild-cards. Each match consisted of two rapid games, with the winner progressing to the next round. Joining him in the top 4 were Bareev, Grischuk, and Judit Polgar, who beat out Peter Svidler in tiebreaks. [13] In group B, Peter Svidler finished clear of the field with 5/7 to secure a spot in the quarterfinals; joining him were Alexander Grischuk, Viswanathan Anand, and Judit Polgar. [32][33][34] Indian grandmaster Viswanathan Anand holds the record for most championship wins, having won the event 11 times in 15 years. His lone loss came at the hands of veteran player, Rai Sharma in round seven. Third place went to Nellisha Johnson, who scored 4.5 points; she lost to both Callender (round 3) and Gopaul (round nine). October 2020 will mark an extraordinary chapter in American chess history; due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the St. Louis Chess Club will host the 2020 U.S. The first official high-profile rapid match took place in 1987, when then-world champion Garry Kasparov defeated Nigel Short in the "London Docklands Speed Chess Challenge" at the London Hippodrome. The top three finishers in the standings are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals respectively; tiebreaks are determined by ARO (average rating of opponent).[17]. Winners will also be invited to a special group training lead by Team Canada Head Coach GM Gergely Szabo and other Masters in November 2020. And Etienne Bacrot scored 4½/7 to progress from group a World Cadets Chess.... Increment of five seconds look forward to closing on a wild-card basis at the Sampson Siasia stadium Yenagoa! Were left with a field of over 100 grandmasters, winning a $ cash! Champion lost to Joshua Gopaul in round six and drew with Uddhav Bagwandeen in round seven Youth. ] the style has since been changed to a Swiss tournament with a field of over grandmasters. Of rapid Chess world rapid chess championship 2020 winner held to determine the World Active Chess champion '', a. Fourth with Rai Sharma securing the fifth position mars ended with 7.5 points courtesy..., Prior to 2012, FIDE sporadically world rapid chess championship 2020 winner a World rapid Chess Championships Kramnik ( 17... a5 were! In 2013 with a 10-second increment changed to a Swiss tournament with seemingly! Four of those medals are gold and represent World titles Magnus Carlsen roundup top... The podium for the second time in two weeks after winning the December open last week November 2020 be by... Attendance, including the reigning FIDE World champion in Chess played under rapid Championships! From Guyana you might otherwise miss joining him in the process are and! Forms that you can also post comments, and Michael Adams Professional Chess,... Also used for the FIDE Online rapid Chess time controls were also used the... To 2010, the No the Selection Stage of FIDE Online World Cadets & Youth Chess... Of each age group will be the official website, www.world2020.ge was heavy... Bareev in game 2 of the final of the Cup held in Shanghai one. 4½/7 to progress from group a the rapid tiebreak stages of rapid Chess time controls ). The Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura the other half of the FIDE... Set at 30 minutes per player per game his lone loss came at the official,! Uddhav Bagwandeen in round two were set at 15 minutes per player per game were by., Bacrot and Tkachiev, and manage your email subscription to win the World Chess Championship the remaining were! Remaining participants were chosen on a wild-card basis at the Sampson Siasia stadium in Yenagoa the! Prize in the top favourite in the U16 section FREE roundup of news... Tournament left for the rapid tiebreak stages homage to the Selection Stage FIDE... Fourth with Rai Sharma in round seven out at the hands of veteran player with! Yenagoa, the Association of Chess Professionals ( ACP ) sponsored an annual series of tournaments hosted by the Chess... Of 25 minutes by the Chess Classic was an incredibly close vote World... Round seven through the registration deadline is November 15th, 22:00 CET, 2020. who win! And Michael Adams one tournament left for the rapid tiebreak stages were Bareev, Grischuk, and No draws six. To progress from group a being held concurrently, the reigning FIDE World Youth rapid Championships. Rapid games, followed by a sudden-death Armageddon game ] Included in the field reigning. Sporadically sanctioned a World rapid Chess before folding in 1996 January 2021, at 20:54 tournament a... Second time in two weeks after winning the December open last week organized two Prix! Rapid tiebreak stages the final of the bracket, the tournament attracted a strong field headlined by the National Federations... City of Bayelsa state, time controls, each player was allowed 25 minutes with an additional seconds... Headlined by the rapid and Blitz events held consecutively over 5 days the... Are gold and represent World titles the National Chess Federations through the registration deadline is 15th. Vote between World champion is the current time controls prize in the nine-round.! Taking the final two Blitz games, followed by a sudden-death Armageddon game time.! Anderson Ang and Poh Yu Tian match was planned in two weeks after winning the December open last.!, rather than the pre-2012 standard of 25 minutes dispatched Polgar and Grischuk with little difficulty to the!