Sad song, sad song, sad song No sad song, sad song, sad song Sad song, sad song, sad song No sad song, sad song, sad song How long is she staying in our home? Alright there's something truly magnificent about being sad and that is that everyone can be sad, some people are sad sometimes other people are sad all the time and this is just a song about being sad, We keep all our promises, be us against the world, So I don't have to say you were the one that got away, Tell me that I'm alright, that I ain't gonna die, You can tell me when it's alright for me to come out, Fake that I can't hear when you say hello, And all the roads we have to walk are winding, And all the lights that lead us there are blinding, Would like to say to you but I don't know how, Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me, When I fell down you'd be there holding me up, And when God takes you back we'll say Hallelujah, Congratulations, glad you're doing great, woah, The same look that you gave me, that kills me inside, But things just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do, Sunday morning, rain is falling and I'm calling out to you, Singing, someday it'll bring me back to you, 'Cause all along it never mattered anyway, Everything comes as it pleases and leaves without a goodbye, I feel like crying, I don’t feel like myself, Just like she throws with the arm of her brother, You think you wanna be, you wanna be alone, Just wait until you're crying on the shower floor, It hits you in the chest, 'bout every day you're done, 'Cause once you let it go, you better know it's gone, But I hate to think about you with somebody else, You're intertwining your soul with somebody else, Today was our yesterday and now there’s no tomorrow, It hurts but if we dragged it out more, it would’ve become a scar, Candy Bulletin is finally here! Without you, I'm just a sad song. When it comes to sad songs (oh, the sad songs), country music does it so right, capturing those somber, sick-at-heart emotions like no other genre can. "When I saw Jane, I said, she's special.". If you’re in need of new music recos to add to your playlist of sad, feel-sy songs (Aminin, we all have one! This page was created by our editorial team. Step 3: Elton John Lyrics. [Verse 1] I’m alive, but I feel dead. With you I'm a beautiful mess. The littlest things get me pissed off or mad. 10 Noteworthy Collabs Between K-Pop Idols And International Artists, 18 English Song Covers Made By K-pop Idols, 10 K-pop Songs Co-Produced And Written By Popular Western Artists, Local Artists Share Their Favorite Fan-Made Covers Of Their Songs, 21 Songs For Your Breakup Playlist, According To Our Community, 10 Songs To Listen To When You're Feeling Anxious Or Sad, Everything You Need to Know About the Filipino Adaptation of 'My Sassy Girl', WATCH: This CEO Dropped Out of College and Built Her Own Beauty Brand, 3 Reasons to Stan This K-Pop-Inspired Pop Fiction Book, Celebrities Who Want to Pursue a Career in the Medical Field, 5 Korean Stars Who Have *Really* High IQs, How to Be a Part-Time Fast Food Service Crew, According to This Student, Here Are the Top 15 Trending Jobs Around the World in 2021. Love songs often do. Dong! When I don't know what's in your head. ;). The COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the employment landscape. I'm just a sad song. They're flexible to accommodate working students' schedules. I'm just a sad song. I'm living free, light as a … I played a great song on repeat, now I hate it. !function(t,e,r){var n,s=t.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],i=/^http:/.test(t.location)? If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. My life's pretty good, no I don't have it bad. This next song is a little bit longer than that one. What is the LYKA App and Is It Safe to Download? //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. I'll be seeing you never. More instruments are also in some of the pieces. Voted by: @theacuaresma. I’m on the sofa, wasted, fading away. With you, I fall. It's like I'm leaving all my past in silhouettes upon the wall. WATCH: Did You Know Hyun Bin Is A Self-Confessed Introvert? Handwritten lyrics to three songs by internationally renowned songwriter Bob Dylan have been put on sale in an auction organised by Moments in Time. Click on the link in the email. Share your feels, show your skills. About Mr. Dieingly Sad "Mr. Dieingly Sad" is a 1966 song by The Critters. If you're an aspiring writer, vlogger, artist, or kahit marami ka lang talagang time, submit your entries here and make your mark in the Candy community! Follow @genius We also compiled it in a playlist so you won't have to. Bridgerton Star Regé-Jean Page Was in 'Harry Potter'. Candy Bulletin is an online platform where users can upload original work, personal passion projects, and other forms of self-expression, for the purpose of sharing with the community. Click on the link in the email to set a new password. //